Turn your dreams into financial goals

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Everyone has a dream of achieving something in their life. It can range from funding your child’s education in a good college or getting a new car or a house or a dream vacation abroad. We do not have any limit on our imaginations and dreams. Imagination (and dreams) are first step in achieving anything in life but dreams by themselves are just dreams. They can not get you any results. To turn financial dreams into reality, you need to set up financial goals.
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What is best investment for a young person?

Are you just out of college and started your first job? Do you also get this question on what is best investment for you? If you are asking this question, then you are already ahead of masses of your age. We will try to answer this question and present you with our idea of what can be best investment for young people starting their career out there.
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Are you making these credit card mistakes?

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You finally got that credit card with amazing reward options. May be, you already started using different offers on online shopping websites. While it has become a bit easier to get a credit card over these days, it is the owner, who need to use the it in the right way. When you are new to credit card, you may easily commit some common credit card mistakes. These mistake may come haunting for you in longer term and can cost you money or a negative remark in your credit score.
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Are you still waiting to make your first investment?

Are you a 35 year old person, planning to retire by 60 and not yet made a single investment? Or are you a college going young person with some extra money in your hand? Are you overburdened with your financial loads or having lot of disposable income at hand? Are you confused with number of investment options that you didn’t make your first investment at all? May be you are waiting for a perfect timing to start your investing?
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What are Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS)?

Are you a taxpayer? Did you ever notice different investment options under Section 80C? Did you ever wonder which product should you invest in, to ensure maximum returns for your investment?  You might have observed ELSS or Equity Link Saving Schemes under the 80C category. We will look into different aspects of Equity Linked Saving Schemes? What are the advantages and how can you use ELSS for increasing your tax savings.
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